You can use any plain-text editor to edit or create scripts/configs, such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on OS X. Some editors are better for this than others. See Editors for Scripts.

For information on writing scripts, see:

Sample Configs/SettingsEdit

Sample config files. Config files are defined as .cfg files that are mostly about applying settings, though they may also include special commands and keybindings.

See Urban Zone Player Configs for more examples.

Sample ScriptsEdit

Sample scripts. Scripts are defined as .cfg files that are mostly about individual commands and keybindings, though they may also include applying settings.

Weapons/Gear SelectionEdit

Scripts that help the player get and use weapons


Scripts that assist in movement, or move the player.


Scripts that assist in zooming.

  • Script: Zoom - Various zoom scripts, like hold-to-zoom and zoom without a scope


Scripts that create special radio binds.


Scripts that control aspects of the user interface.


Scripts that don't fit other categories


Scripts that are intended to fix specific 'bugs' in the game

Scripts & Configs

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