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UrT Console

Console is the in-game command line (and log viewer).

Opening the console Edit

The most common way to open the Console is the ~ (tilde) key. This is usually the key to the left of the number 1 on your keyboard. In general, it is not necessary to hold shift in order to type a tilde and summon the console—by default, the ` (grave) symbol will also be bound to console.

The console may also be opened using ⇧ Shift+⎋ Esc.

Basic Command Usage Edit

If you type into console, it will be sent out as public chat. To specify that you are sending a command, start with a slash character (forward slash or backslash will work). For example, /kill would sent the kill command. You can also hit the tab key while in console to add a slash to the beginning of your command. This is useful to prevent accidentally spamming your commands in chat; you can hit tab before sending every command you type to ensure there is a slash.

If you forget a command, you can begin typing it and hit tab to show a list of possible commands. For example, if you type


and hit tab, the console will list all of the commands starting with "sv_" for you.

Some special commands are entered simply as "/command" such as /kill or /quit, without any additional parameters.

Keybinds will be in the form of "/bind <key> <function>." For example,

/bind F1 vote yes

CVars can be set by "/<variableName> <newValue>" and using "/<variableName>" will report the current value.

So, if you wanted to check what the gamma was currently set to, you would type:


and Urban Terror would report back with something like: r_gamma is currently "1.0" the default is "1.0"

If you wanted to set gamma to 1.65, you would type

/r_gamma 1.65

and boolean CVars that simply toggle on (1) and off (0) can be changed using 

/toggle <variableName>


You can scroll the console using ⇞ PgUp and ⇟ PgDn, or using your mouse wheel to scroll. If you ever see a line of red dots, that is the end (top) of the Console scrollback. You can use ^ Ctrl + ⇲ End to scroll instantly to the bottom/most recent messages, and ^ Ctrl + ⇱ Home to scroll instantly to the top/least recent messages.

You can save the console log using condump:

/condump <filename>

So, you can save the console scrollback to a file named console.log with

/condump console.log

Some Common Console Commands Edit

For a complete list of commands, see Commands and CVARS.
/connect <address>:<port>

Connects to a server.


Exits to main menu.

/name <newname>

Changes your name to <newname>.


Kills you; good for when you get stuck in a glitch on a map


Exits the game.


Clears the console log

/condump <filename>.txt

Saves the contents of console to <filename>.txt.


Displays all cvars. Use /cvarlist <prefix> to see just CVars starting with that prefix. So, /cvarlist a shows all CVars starting with "a" and /cvarlist cg_ shows all CVars starting with "cg_"


Displays all commands.

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