Frag Limit

This is a picture showing the points of Red and Blue Team.

The Frag Limit (also known as a kill limit) is one way to measure the length of an average Urban Terror Team Deathmatch game; the other way is to time it. During the course of a Team Deathmatch game, the server counts all the kills each team makes, sometimes called a frag count. Once one of the teams reaches the number of kills the server set, the frag limit, the game is then declared over and moves on onto another map.

Different Uses For Frag Limits Edit

Frag Limits are most commonly seen in Team Deathmatch Games, but also used as a variation in Bomb and Capture The Flag games. Many servers using Team Deathmatch use the timer and frag limit combined so, for example, a game will not last longer than twenty minutes if neither team could reach the 100 frag limit. In 24/7 Servers, the frag limit is set to a very high number, so the game almost never ends, but when it does, it just gets reset to the same map as before, allowing a continuous game for anyone who joins the game. In Bomb, Capture The Flag, and Survivor games, the frag limit is now for how many times each team wins each scenario. For example, if the red team in a Bomb server has a frag count of 12, and blue team has 18, the blue team is killing the red team more times than the red either detonates the bomb or kills off the blue team.