Kill to Death Ratio of the Red team in a game of Team Deathmatch

A player's Kill to Death Ratio (sometimes abbreviated as KDR) is the number shown at the right side of the screen, written as a ratio (x:y). The number on the left is your score in points, and the number on the right is how many times you have died.

  • Each kill (of an enemy player) is worth 1 point.
  • Each time you kill a teammate, you lose 1 point.
  • Each time you kill yourself, you lose 1 point (including falling to your death, drowning, using the /kill command, etc.).
  • In Capture The Flag, you get 10 points when your team captures the flag, and 15 if you capture it yourself.

Uses in Urban Terror Edit

The Kill to Death Ratio usually determines who "wins" the game. Players are ranked by kills from most to least. If there are two players with the same number of kills, the player with the fewest deaths will be ranked above the other player(s) with the same number of kills.

Kill to Death Ratio can also be used to spot bots (cheaters), as the player may have a substantial amount of kills compared to abnormally few deaths.