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Game: 				Urban Terror
Map name: 			Turnpike Terror
Map file:     		ut4_turnpike.bsp
Author:   			Wu
Updated by:			Tristian 'Tub' Barrett
Date:				2007-03-18
Updated by:           Hybridesque
Date:                 2007-03-19
Updated by:           BladeKiller
Date:                 2007-05-29
Date:				 2013-02-18  
Wu! For creating turnpike in the first place!
Hybridesque: For his work on the decompile
Shminky: Work on bringing turnpike up to speed
Midgetkiller: Painting Textures
RabicCow: Another brilliant Skybox
LT1: More great models. How does the man do it! : Lights, Tables, Chairs, Trash, Copier.
Naked Assassin: Sign textures and testing
Alicja: Painting textures
Chris Blundell (Plutonic): Various textures 
Iikka Keranen: Textures 
Woekele: Lots of testing and suggestions
   - ydnar/Shaderlab for tutorials, shaders, textures and of course q3map2
   - Urban Terror Quality Assurance team. A big thank you to the testers!!
   - Urban Terror team
   - id Software for Q3
   Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
   This map MAY NOT be sold, or in any other way turn into profit for any other
   person than the author. This map MAY be distributed on any media as long as this
   media is distributed freely without anyone having to pay for it.
   This level is designed for the Quake 3 Total Conversion "Urban Terror" and is 
   not to be used, replicated or edited for any other Mod, Total Conversion, Game 
   or Game Engine.
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