This page includes script files for Urban Terror.

Copy the script and paste it into a text editor. Then save it with a .cfg extension in your Game path. To execute, type /exec <script name> in Console.
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by iynque Edit

Push B to send a "random" goodbye to global chat. Great for quick goodbyes without having to stop and type.

Works well with Script:Randomizer by iynque.


  1. //Say bye
  3. bind b "vstr iy_part"
  5. set iy_part "vstr iy_part01"
  7. set iy_part01 "set iy_part vstr iy_part02; say Bye bye :D"
  8. set iy_part02 "set iy_part vstr iy_part03; say Bye :D"
  9. set iy_part03 "set iy_part vstr iy_part04; say Later :D"
  10. set iy_part04 "set iy_part vstr iy_part05; say Goodbye :D"
  11. set iy_part05 "set iy_part vstr iy_part06; say Bye :D"
  12. set iy_part06 "set iy_part vstr iy_part07; say So long :D"
  13. set iy_part07 "set iy_part vstr iy_part08; say Sayonara :D"
  14. set iy_part08 "set iy_part vstr iy_part09; say Adios :D"
  15. set iy_part09 "set iy_part vstr iy_part01; say Bye :D"
  17. //created by iynque
  18. ut_echo ^7[^4iy_bye_public.cfg Loaded^7];echo iy_bye_public.cfg loaded