This page includes script files for Urban Terror.

Copy the script and paste it into a text editor. Then save it with a .cfg extension in your Game path. To execute, type /exec <script name> in Console.
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by v3nd3tta Edit

  • Push to adjust ut_timenudge up by 5 (up to 50, then resets to 0).
  • Push to reset to 0 immediately.

Note: ut_timenudge & cl_timenudge

They both do the same thing; modify timestamps on packets to make things appear they arrived later than they really did, except cl_timenudge affects your outgoing packets too. This can be exploited to make you appear to warp if you turn it on and off quickly. It can also be used to change how standard Q3 projectiles, like rockets, behave: if you use negative values, it speeds them along their path a little bit.

The CVAR ut_timenudge doesn't affect your outgoing commands (so no benefit to negative values), but the server is notified about your "buffer" so that anti-lag can be matched up to compensate for your world-view delay. So basically, cl_timenudge equals exploits and ut_timenudge equals no exploits.

  1. //Timenudge Manually Tune Script 
  2. set timenudger0 "set timenudger vstr timenudger10; set ut_timenudge 0; ut_echo ut_timenudge 0" 
  3. set timenudger10 "set timenudger vstr timenudger15; set ut_timenudge 10; ut_echo ut_timenudge 10" 
  4. set timenudger15 "set timenudger vstr timenudger20; set ut_timenudge 15; ut_echo ut_timenudge 15" 
  5. set timenudger20 "set timenudger vstr timenudger25; set ut_timenudge 20; ut_echo ut_timenudge 20" 
  6. set timenudger25 "set timenudger vstr timenudger30; set ut_timenudge 25; ut_echo ut_timenudge 25" 
  7. set timenudger30 "set timenudger vstr timenudger35; set ut_timenudge 30; ut_echo ut_timenudge 30" 
  8. set timenudger35 "set timenudger vstr timenudger40; set ut_timenudge 35; ut_echo ut_timenudge 35" 
  9. set timenudger40 "set timenudger vstr timenudger45; set ut_timenudge 40; ut_echo ut_timenudge 40" 
  10. set timenudger45 "set timenudger vstr timenudger50; set ut_timenudge 45; ut_echo ut_timenudge 45" 
  11. set timenudger50 "set timenudger vstr timenudger0; set ut_timenudge 50; ut_echo ut_timenudge 50" 
  13. set timenudger "vstr timenudger10" 
  15. bind RIGHTARROW "set timenudger vstr timenudger10;set ut_timenudge 0; ut_echo ut_timenudge Reset to 0" //Reset it to 0 with one Button 
  16. bind UPARROW "vstr timenudger" //Tune up the Timenudge in 5 -ish steps.