This script is required by some other scripts (see What Links Here).

It allows you to temporarily change the function of the number keys in other scripts, then this script resets them to pre-defined defaults.

DON'T FORGET to define the re-binds. You may want to check q3config.cfg in your Game path to see what you currently have the number keys 0-9 set to, and then copy-and-paste those functions into this script.

Required file name (unless you edit every script that calls this script): iy_numbinds.cfg


  1. //Number rebinds
  2. //  Include in other scripts with the line
  3. //      exec iy_numbinds.cfg
  4. //  Allows a script to unbind number keys by calling "vstr iy_unbind"
  5. //  Rebind number keys to the presets below by calling "vstr iy_rebind"
  6. //  The cancel function rebinds the keys and says "Canceled"
  7. //      by calling "vstr iy_cancel"
  9. //////////////////////////////////////////////
  10. //Rebind Presets
  11. set iy_rebind1  "ut_weaptoggle knife"       //bind to "vstr iy_null" to clear bind
  12. set iy_rebind2  "ut_weaptoggle grenades"    //bind to "vstr iy_null" to clear bind
  13. set iy_rebind3  "ut_weaptoggle sidearm"     //bind to "vstr iy_null" to clear bind
  14. set iy_rebind4  "ut_weaptoggle secondary"   //bind to "vstr iy_null" to clear bind
  15. set iy_rebind5  "ut_weaptoggle primary"     //bind to "vstr iy_null" to clear bind
  16. set iy_rebind6  "ut_weaptoggle bomb"        //bind to "vstr iy_null" to clear bind
  17. set iy_rebind7  "iy_null"                   //bind to "vstr iy_null" to clear bind
  18. set iy_rebind8  "iy_null"                   //bind to "vstr iy_null" to clear bind
  19. set iy_rebind9  "iy_null"                   //bind to "vstr iy_null" to clear bind
  20. set iy_rebind0  "iy_null"                   //bind to "vstr iy_null" to clear bind
  22. //////////////////////////////////////////////
  23. //Functions
  24. set iy_rebind   "bind 1 vstr iy_rebind1;bind 2 vstr iy_rebind2;bind 3 vstr iy_rebind3;bind 4 vstr iy_rebind4;bind 5 vstr iy_rebind5;bind 6 vstr iy_rebind6;bind 7 vstr iy_rebind7;bind 8 vstr iy_rebind8;bind 9 vstr iy_rebind9;bind 0 vstr iy_rebind0"
  25. set iy_unbind   "unbind 1;unbind 2;unbind 3;unbind 4;unbind 5;unbind 6;unbind 7;unbind 8;unbind 9"
  26. set iy_cancel   "vstr iy_rebind;ut_echo ^7[^1Canceled^7];play sound\misc\menu4.wav"
  27. set iy_null     ""
  29. //created by iynque
  30. ut_echo ^7[^4iy_numbinds.cfg loaded^7];echo iy_numbinds.cfg loaded