The Smoke Grenade is a grenade that emits a cloud of smoke over a period of time, approximately 30 seconds. At the end of the period of time the grenade disappears and the smoke quickly dissipates. Players using Tactical Goggles can clearly see players through the smoke, but walls may still be obscured to them, making smoke an effective obstacle in tight corners.

Smoke Grenade AbuseEdit

Many servers disable smoke grenades because of player abuse. This includes throwing smoke in spawns or at map choke points, making those areas difficult to navigate.

Use of smoke grenades is frowned-upon in general, but they are still a part of the game and may be used (with caution).

In general, smoke is only useful on (or even behind) the enemy flag in CTF mode. Never throw smoke on your own flag—experienced players already know where it is and how to grab it without even looking. Smoking your own team's flag doesn't "hide" it, the smoke just makes it easier for the enemy to take it without being seen.

Smoke can be useful in other game modes, but only at key points on the map where smoke is especially effective, and only at times when smoke is deemed necessary.