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The PSG-1 is a common sniper, often used by less experienced snipers or some CTF players.

A sniper is a player who takes targets out from long range. They usually use scoped sniper rifles to score hits to other players who use less long ranged weapons. Also, snipers are important for counter-sniping, so that other snipers can more effectively take out assault players. They usually use Remington SR8 or the H&K PSG-1, but some use the H&K G36 .

Sniper riflesEdit

As sniper rifles the SR8 and PSG both have high damage and accuracy. Both have variable zoom scopes to increase the effective range. With the scopes the rifles can be effective up to about 800m.

Sniper vs. CamperEdit

Snipers like to differenciate between snipers and campers, because campers are often frowned on, due to their effectiveness. A camper usually sets an ambush, sometimes using sniper rifles, but more often using short range weapons. They usually hide from snipers and major groups of enemies. Also, snipers generally egage enemies from far inside friendly terrirory, while campers usually move into enemy territory to get more easy shots at the back of enemies.
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The SR8 has the longest effective range of all weapons in urban terror, specially assisted by its 4, 6, 8 X zoom scope.

Sniper LoadoutsEdit

Primary: SR8 Secondary: None Pistol: Desert Eagle Equipment: Tac goggles, Extra ammo, laser sight

Description: Good for sniping from long distances, and from remote places, especially ones where the player will be likely to be alive for extended periods of time, extra ammo allows the player to engage the most targets possibe without having to look for ammo. Tac goggles help for aquisition of targets at even the most extreme ranges, laser sight helps to increase effectiveness of the desert eagle, this can be replaced by an equipment of choice, as this loadout is not for forward snipers, so the pistol is only a last resort weapon.

Primary: G36 Secondary: P90 Pistol: G18 Equipment: Suppressor, Extra ammo