A game of Team Deathmatch.

Team Deathmatch is a gametype in Urban Terror. Two teams fight against each other to get more kills than the other team before time runs out or the frag limit is reached. Team Deathmatch is a very common game type in Urban Terror, and in many other first-person shooters.

Goals of Team Deathmatch Edit

The goal of Team Deathmatch is to, as a team, amass more kills than your opponent in the allotted time, or reach the frag limit before the other team. The time limit or frag limit will vary by server.

Rules and Variations of Team Deathmatch Edit

Some servers allow friendly fire, so killing members of your team would be detrimental to the goal. Friendly fire makes it harder to kill the other team because weapons and grenades now hurt your teammates too. Servers that have friendly fire on also have rules against team killing, so you can be booted or banned from the server if you do.