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Urban Terror HD is the next version of Urban Terror, to replace all previous versions.

It will be the first Urban Terror version to use the new Unreal engine 4 and is currently being developed by the Frozen Sand development team.



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New Features of Urban Terror HDEdit

Urban Terror HD will include many improvements and changes over 4.2

New engineEdit

  • New user interface
  • New graphics features
  • New animations
  • New audio
  • New contents
  • New weapons
  • New characters
  • New gamemodes
  • New maps

New user managementEdit

  • Play on secure servers
  • Cheat protection Already added to UrT 4.2
  • Name protection
  • Clan tag protection Already added to UrT 4.2
  • Ban management
  • Anti-aliasing in leagues

New admin toolsEdit

  • Player authentication Already added to UrT 4.2
  • Rcon without password
  • Bans with web Support
  • Ban list sharing Already added to UrT 4.2
  • Flexible server settings
  • Safe and Secure system

New WeaponsEdit